Thursday, July 14, 2011

The renew feature on Craigslist

Ah, the fun of reposting is taken out of craigslist! Finally! With the the new "renew" feature on CL you don't have to repost after a 7 day period anymore. Every 2 days now you can renew your current postings which will move them to the top of the list of your personal posting list and to the top of the list for the designated location your item is posted on.  I have been using this feature for over 2 weeks now and it is a great new feature and it saves you a ton of time.   You can renew your 2 day old postings with a few clicks of your mouse and unlike the old style of reposting a bulk amount of 7 day old expired postings that have completely been taken off of craigslist, you can renew as fast as you possibly can.  Remember when you had to repost all of those ads you put out 7 days ago and craigslist would stop you in the middle of your reposting, notifying you that you are reposting to fast and then with out warning, you would have to sit and wait for a couple of minutes to even half an hour before it allows you continue reposting....UGH!!! This was one of the most time consuming parts of using craigslist and very frustrating.  Almost as time consuming as posting a brand new ad.  With this renew feature I haven't had to go threw that anymore and you won't either if you use this to your advantage.  Simply scroll down your personal page of listings and find your postings with the renew option to the left of the title description of your posting.  Now do not click on renew.  Right click on your title description and open it on a new tab.  Do this for 5 postings at a time before you go to the new tabs you just opened.  Then simply go to each new tab you opened that needs to be renewed and click "renew"  and Presto! Your ad is renewed!  Once you have completely renewed all of the qualified postings, reload your personal page listings and go to the top and there you will see all of the renewed postings at the top of your ad list as if you just reposted them.  They are officially brand new listings that will appear at the top of the craigslist inventory of listings as well.  Allow for 5-10 minutes to pass before you check to see for yourself.  Now like I have said this feature is brand new and I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I haven't had to repost once, so if that changes I will let you know or you can let me know yourself.  Good luck and CL Happy Sales!


  1. I was renewing about every two days. I did this several times for one ad. Then about a week ago, I was no longer offered the option to renew (no "renew" link available). Does CL only let you renew a particular ad so many times?

  2. I think they must have canceled the renew feature since I haven't used it since Aug and was now looking for it and can't find it

  3. The renew feature is still active, although I'm not sure how it works. Some of my ads I can renew, some I can't, and some you can renew 1-2x before the option stops appearing for them.

  4. Does renewing move you posting to the top of the list? I just renewed and my listings aren't appareing at the top of the list, but that may be because it takes some time.. I dunno.

  5. Renew clogs up the listings with a bunch of recycled crap that isn't selling. With the majority of listings being renewals now, reviewing the listings is a lot more work for buyers. I hate that feature and hope CL puts up a "fix" to flag renewed listings.

  6. Being that they just added the renew feature not too long ago anonymous, dont hold your breath.

  7. the thing is renew option works for about two weeks then you have delete and repost. The great thing is though, craiglist keep the pics and text data in storage so reposting is just clicking, next, next, next etc.

  8. I too have noticed that after renewing about three times over the past couple of weeks that it no longer offers that option. I tried deleting and reposting an almost identical ad that I had deleted a few weeks ago -- just to test what mike said about CL keeping the text and photos on file. But it only provided my text -- and asked me to load photos in, just like it was never there. Am I doing it wrong?

  9. The reason you cannot renew is that your ad has been posted for longer than 30 days. It clearly states in the TERMS that you lose the ability to renew after 30 days. Although CL provides no instructions, I presume that after 30 days you need to delete the posting and re-post it. You may have to wait 48 hours to re-post. I just discovered the renew issue and its solution, so I have not had an opportunity to test if you indeed have to wait 48 hours.

  10. It's been over 48 hours since I posted three items and the renew link hasn't appeared. Trying the "Delete & Repost Ploy" got me a message saying that deleting a message in an effort to top-post doesn't work and I should click "go back" or continue to delete my post. I think I've tried everything but for me it ain't happenin'.


  12. I could not renew 2 days after posting, even after logging in, right clicking ad and opening in new tab. The renew option was simply not there. Am I trying to renew too soon?

  13. The renew feature is cluttering Craigslist unimaginably. Every other time I log on, theres more garbage that was at the top last time... and they just keep taking up space. I even accidentally sent an email to someone twice due to the renew issue. Very bad indeed.

  14. not sure ,but I think the renew feature also involves a bit of ghosting, you may think you have renewed, but nope, you ad does not appear even though it "renews" it. I do not think renewing clogs up cl, it is a good feature as many people wanting to buy an item, or if there is a seller that is competing with a seller on certain items, it makes flagging appropriate.

  15. post on

  16. The only thing new about this is that it is now limited to 30 days, in the haydays of craigs you could go back and renew for 6 months, but all good things come to an end.


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  19. I tried to repost an item that I have for sale I went into my CL account to repost all the text is still there but all the pictures are gone what happened to them they are al gone from my CL account

  20. Help please!!! when I re-post my items in CL all the the pictures are gone only the text are saved, how could I keep the pictures in my CL account??

  21. All my pics are gone when reposting my ads, why is this happening & it is very time consuming taking all the pics over again.

  22. There seems to be no sense to the renew option. sometimes it is present and sometimes it is not. This is after posting once, sometimes twice or three times, sometimes you cant renew at all (All these were within the 30 days)

  23. Not much has changed! I started putting a reminder on my phone to renew my ads every Sunday evening and that worked for about a month then there was no renew option after that. I finally figured out to get the ad back up faster by saving all my pictures to a flash drive for quicker reference.

    1. After 30-45 days your listings automatically expire and it won't let you renew. Just hit delete and then repost. That way you don't have to put in the text or load the pictures again. It only takes one more click than just renewing.

  24. When I open it in a new tab there is no renew tab. My listing expires in 8 days. I posted it 6 weeks ago. I don't want to wait till expires. I want to move it up to the top of listings. I can't find a renew button anywhere on my account listing for the item.

  25. Something to keep in mind ...

    when you renew a post, any flagging that you may have received (but not sufficient to remove your post) will be carried over to the renewed post.

    I always just delete and repost my posts, so the flagging counter gets reset to zero.

  26. Some ads renew, some ads won't renew, ads constantly get deleted, and the whole page Craigslist is full of scams.

  27. I have to renew my ads every couple of days. It's a royal pain.

  28. I don't get the Renew link on posts, anyone can help please?