Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Attention Items to Sale on Craigslist

There are things that sale like hot cakes on craigslist. ipads, iphones, LCD, LED flat panel TV's, and new and used furniture are the ones that have worked out well for me.  Usually it doesn't take much to sale one of these well sought after items when you post some good photos and the right price.  With items like these people are even willing to drive from a distance and spend some extra time and dollars on the road to get to you to pick up the deal you are offering them.  
     If your like me then you like to have an expanded variety of inventory.  Or maybe your one of those people that has a lot of small items to sale or you have a few things laying around that you want to get rid of.  Example:  I am going to use HDMI cables as an example since I have experience with selling those on CL.
    Now an Item like HDMI cables, I like to call "Special Attention Items", when it comes to selling these on craigslist. The reason being because you can post these in more than one category to increase your chances of someone finding your post and you selling it.  With there are so many different kinds of HDMI cables, there are numerous ways to post them by title and description. HDMI cables have different grades, quality, brands, makers, lengths and an array of other little specifications and tidbits that give you a wide range of posting power. 
    For starters you can post these in the electronics category and also in the video gaming category.  And if you can find a good enough reason you can post these on the photo+video category as well.  So that gives you three different ad listings for each kind of HDMI cable you are selling per location.  With items like these this strategy has worked out wonderfully for me.  It is nice to make a 500$ dollar sale on a TV or two in a matter of days but trust me 5 dollars here and 10 dollars there adds up and does make a difference in your cash flow.   So if your trying to get rid of an extra HDMI cable or what ever it is you have laying around that can be a "special attention item" you had laying around then this will definitely up your chances of getting rid of that cable and putting some extra money in your pocket.  If you have a bulk inventory of HDMI cables or anything else similar,  then this will not only put money in your pocket, but be a consistent and useful way to sale your cables and also to gain a steady come back clientele and make some extra sales threw the all powerful word of mouth. 
    If you have any questions or if there is a craigslist subject you would like me to touch on feel free to let me know and be sure to subscribe so you can be the first t receive craigslist knowledge and know how from the CL Tipster! Until the next time Happy Sales!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The renew feature on Craigslist

Ah, the fun of reposting is taken out of craigslist! Finally! With the the new "renew" feature on CL you don't have to repost after a 7 day period anymore. Every 2 days now you can renew your current postings which will move them to the top of the list of your personal posting list and to the top of the list for the designated location your item is posted on.  I have been using this feature for over 2 weeks now and it is a great new feature and it saves you a ton of time.   You can renew your 2 day old postings with a few clicks of your mouse and unlike the old style of reposting a bulk amount of 7 day old expired postings that have completely been taken off of craigslist, you can renew as fast as you possibly can.  Remember when you had to repost all of those ads you put out 7 days ago and craigslist would stop you in the middle of your reposting, notifying you that you are reposting to fast and then with out warning, you would have to sit and wait for a couple of minutes to even half an hour before it allows you continue reposting....UGH!!! This was one of the most time consuming parts of using craigslist and very frustrating.  Almost as time consuming as posting a brand new ad.  With this renew feature I haven't had to go threw that anymore and you won't either if you use this to your advantage.  Simply scroll down your personal page of listings and find your postings with the renew option to the left of the title description of your posting.  Now do not click on renew.  Right click on your title description and open it on a new tab.  Do this for 5 postings at a time before you go to the new tabs you just opened.  Then simply go to each new tab you opened that needs to be renewed and click "renew"  and Presto! Your ad is renewed!  Once you have completely renewed all of the qualified postings, reload your personal page listings and go to the top and there you will see all of the renewed postings at the top of your ad list as if you just reposted them.  They are officially brand new listings that will appear at the top of the craigslist inventory of listings as well.  Allow for 5-10 minutes to pass before you check to see for yourself.  Now like I have said this feature is brand new and I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I haven't had to repost once, so if that changes I will let you know or you can let me know yourself.  Good luck and CL Happy Sales!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Craigslist Tipster says Hi!

I have been using craigslist to sale things for over a year now and have learned a lot in the process. While I have had a lot of success, I have also had many a frustrating experience using CL. It is free to use so who are we to complain right? Wrong! I am here to pass down what I learned to do and not to do, what works and what backfires, and how to be efficient and deal with the people who "supposedly" want to do business with you. I also have 15 plus years experience in sales, merchandising and customer service which has paid dividends in this learning process. I am still learning and would love to hear opinions and tips from you all out there as well. This Blog will just touch base on minor details in dealing on craigslist that will surely help or give insight on what to expect in your selling adventure. Please note, This isn't a blog on how to make the most money using craigslist, this a blog on how be efficient, save time and money, and avoid the headaches that come with the territory of selling your items on craigslist.